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Locking a bike
Manchester: How do I lock my bike?
Manchester: How do I lock my bike?

Locking your bike in Greater Manchester

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When ending your journey in a bike hire stand, it is compulsory for all riders to lock the front and rear lock.

Failure to lock the front lock will result in a £10 undocked bike fee and failure to lock the rear lock or both will result in a £30 unlocked vehicle fee.

Please follow these steps to properly end your journey and secure the bike:

  1. Push your bike back into an empty bike hire stand.

  2. Secure the bike to the stand by pushing up the yellow handle on the left-hand side of the stand. Hold the handle in place for a few seconds- If you find the front lock does not work, please try another stand.

  3. Then push down on the lock lever on the back wheel to end your ride and lock the bike.

Note: When the bike is properly locked, you'll hear the bike chime and you'll get confirmation of the end of the ride in your app.

Here is a video on how to lock the bike.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

What happens if the bike stand is already full when I arrive?

If you arrive at the bike hire station and it's full, please park your bike neatly alongside the other bikes, as close to the stand as you can, so the bike isn't obstructing any access areas or pavement. Then push down on the rear lock to close.

If you lock your bike outside the vicinity of a bike hire stand, a £10 out-of-station fee will apply.

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