How do I pause my ride?

Pausing your ride to run errands

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Run your errands without paying any parking or unlock fees. If you need to pop to the shops or swing by an ATM while riding a Starling Bank Bike, you can lock your bike and pause your ride multiple times for up to 15 minutes instead of ending the journey.

How do I pause my ride?

There are two different ways to pause your ride.

  1. While on a ride, open the app and tap 'pause my ride', this will take you to another screen directing you to lock your bike. Once the bike is locked, it will automatically pause your current ride.

  2. If you lock the bike before selecting 'pause my ride', you can still use the pause feature. The app will give you a one minute window where you can choose to pause your ride instead of ending it. If you decide not to pause your ride during this minute, the ride will end.

How much does it cost to pause?

Pausing your ride is charged at the exact per minute cost as riding—5p per minute on bikes and 10p per minute on e-bikes.

How do I unlock my bike and resume my ride once paused?

If you have paused your ride, the app will enter a 'ride paused' state. Here you can unlock the bike by simply tapping 'unlock bike'.

How do I end my ride?

Open the app and tap 'end ride' in the bottom right. Please check your app to verify that your journey has ended correctly before leaving the bike.

Be aware that parking charges may apply once the ride has ended.

Do I have to pay parking fees if I pause my ride?

No additional charges apply if you pause your ride outside a bike hire station or out of the operating zone.

If you end your ride in the app, or the ride ends because the 15 minute period has passed, the standard out of station or out of zone charges apply.

Can someone else hire my bike while my ride is paused?

No. While you have paused your ride, your bike will not be available for another person to hire and will not appear on the app.

If you end the ride in the app, or your pause period runs out, your journey will end, and at this point, someone else will be able to hire the bike.

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