Can I park my bike anywhere?

Parking your bike in Greater Manchester

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Where do I park?

Beryl operates with a system of parking bays, called Beryl Bays. These are marked spaces in key locations where you can start and end a ride. When the scheme is live you will be able to find your nearest cycle hire station via the Beryl app.

All active bays (where you can park our vehicles free of charge) can be seen on your map view by looking at the rectangle symbols. When you have a vehicle unlocked, these show as 'P' symbols for where you can park. Our operating zone is shown by the red line on the map.

Please always use the in-app map to locate your nearest active bay, if the bay is suspended it will not appear on the map.

Out of Bay fees

You're free to unlock a bike and park outside a Beryl Bay. However, a convenience fee will be added to your journey if you lock the bike outside a Beryl Bay or outside our operating zone.

Out of station (£10) and out of zone (£25) charges will apply if you park your bike outside of a bike hire stand.

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