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What is the pre-authorisation charge?
What is the pre-authorisation charge?

Understanding the pre-authorisation check before hiring a bike

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To verify that you have a valid payment card associated with your account, we will run a pre-authorisation check on your payment card when you set up your account, and for every subsequent attempt you make to hire a bike. To pass this check, you must have funds of at least £1 available on the payment card associated with your account. We do not take any money during this check. We request a temporary hold of £1, and during that time, it will not be available for you to use.

Once the pre-authorisation check is complete, we will immediately cancel the request to hold the funds, which is released to you based on your bank’s procedure. We do not have control over and cannot accept responsibility for any delays in releasing the funds to you once we have cancelled the request.

If we run the pre-authorisation check and cannot verify that you have sufficient funds available on your payment card, you will not be able to unlock a bike. This pre-authorisation check applies to all users.

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