Navigating the Segway e-bikes

Frequently asked questions about our Segway e-bikes in Cornwall and Watford

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It is important to understand the information given to you in the e-bike dashboard.

  • You have a speedometer - this is capped at 15.5mph or 25km/hr.

  • The 5 bars in white at the bottom of the dashboard indicate the battery levels.

  • There is a phone holder and wireless charger. To pop your phone in the holder, you can push the top end of the holder upwards. The holder will then snap back into place once you let go of it.

If the vehicle is available for hire, you will see a green semi-circle of light around the bottom of the dashboard.

When the vehicle is on a journey, it will light up pink.

If the vehicle is not available for hire, it will light up red.

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