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How do I lock my vehicle outside a Beryl Bay?
How do I lock my vehicle outside a Beryl Bay?
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Beryl vehicles are designed to be parked and locked in designated Beryl Bays.

If you do wish to end your journey and lock your bike outside a bay, it is essential that you lock the bike and check in the app to make sure your journey has ended. You can lock the bike by pushing down the lever on the lock until you hear the bike chime.

If you wish to lock your bike and you're located in Cornwall, or you're using any of our e-scooters, simply click 'End Ride' in the app and the ride will automatically end, even if you are out of a Beryl Bay.

It's also very important that you leave the bike in a location where it is not obstructing a pavement or access. There should always be enough space for someone using a wheelchair, pushing a pram or with a visual impairment to safely move around.

Please note: Parking outside a Beryl Bay will incur an automatic out-of-bay charge.

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