Riding a Beryl e-Scooter
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Beryl e-scooters are currently available in Norwich, Bournemouth, Poole, the Isle of Wight, and West Midlands.

Getting started with the Beryl e-scooter

The Beryl e-scooter is a great addition to Beryl transportation schemes. The e-scooter assists you in making it easier and quicker to get around.

Beryl e-scooters are hired from the same app and account as the standard pedal Beryl Bikes and Beryl e-Bikes. To get started, you will first need to upload your valid driving licence in the app. After your licence has passed the verification process you will be able to unlock an e-scooter

Riding a Beryl e-scooter for the first time

Riding an e-scooter is great fun, but it's a bit different from riding our bikes. To unlock the e-scooter, hover your phone over the sticker in the middle of the handlebars, or manually put the unlock code into the app. Once you have unlocked the e-scooter, listen for the chime to show that the e-scooter is active.

By the right handlebar, there is a Go lever. Once you have found your balance on the e-scooter, push off with your foot to start, then use the Go lever to gain momentum and start your ride. To slow down or stop the e-scooter, there are two brake levers by the handlebars. Pull back on both brake levers smoothly when you want to slow or stop the e-scooter.

To end your ride, find the nearest Beryl Bay on the map in the app and park neatly in a bay to avoid the out-of-bay fee. Tap 'End my ride' in the app and listen for the e-scooter chime. Check in the app to make sure the journey in the app has ended and to see the details of your ride.

We recommend using our standard Beryl Bike if you're not confident with any aspect of using a scooter, especially balancing, steering, or braking. Once you're feeling comfortable on the bikes (and it doesn't take long!), try an e-scooter. Choose an open space away from traffic and pedestrians to try it out for the first time.

Where can I ride?

You can ride a Beryl e-scooter anywhere that bikes are allowed. We recommend riding the e-scooter in designated bike lanes.

Please note, you can NOT ride the e-scooter on pavements. In the UK, it is illegal to ride e-scooters on the pavement. For everyone's safety, it is best to stay in bike lanes.

How fast does the Beryl e-scooter go?

The e-scooter can go up to 12.5mph. Once you reach this speed, the motor will not go any faster. Please keep in mind, speed can vary depending on the weight of the rider and anything being carried, and the steepness of any hills you're climbing.

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