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Unlocking via SMS - Unlocking a Vehicle
Unlocking via SMS - Unlocking a Vehicle
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Once you have set up an account on our Services Website (if you haven't done this yet, click here) - please follow the below steps to unlock a vehicle!

  1. Send SMS with vehicle unlock ID (found on the handlebars) to 07360 267460

  2. The bike will unlock, and the journey starts

  3. You will receive an SMS asking to park in a bay and lock the bike at the rear wheel

  4. You can then end your journey by locking the bike

  5. You will receive an SMS confirming

Please be aware that e-scooters/Cornwall bikes cannot be unlocked via SMS!

If you need any assistance with this give us a call:
You can call our customer service team on 020 3003 5044 from 7am - 9pm Monday-Sunday.

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