BCP/Dorset: Beryl Bonus

Earn credit for future rides when taking an out-of-bay vehicle back to a parking bay!

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How does it work?

If you hire an (e)-bike or scooter, that is parked out-of-bay and has a star icon next to it in-app, and finish your journey in a parking bay you will get credit towards your future rides.

How much is the credit?

Each out-of-bay vehicle, that has a star icon in the app, you return to a parking bay will give you a 10mins credit for your next journeys.

How often can I do this?

There's no upper limit - each qualifying vehicle that you return to a parking bay gets you 10mins credit.

Do I have to use the credit in one journey?

No! If you have 10 minutes of credit you can use it in as many journeys as you wish. For example, 10 minutes of credit can be two 5-minute trips.

Which bikes qualify for this discount?

The vehicles that qualify for the discount are highlighted with a star icon in the app.

Why are Beryl doing this?

It helps us to keep the streets tidy and have better availability at parking bays.

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