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Information about riding passes for all vehicles in Leeds

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Beryl offer a number of riding passes for riders in Leeds. The new passes provide a range of flexible options that allow you to ride from as little as 6p a minute.

Pass types





Unlock fee / journey

Equivalent cost / minute

Journey cap

Day Pass

1 Day






Flexi Pass

30 Days





30 mins

Commuter Pass

30 Days





30 mins

If I buy a Riding Pass, when does it start?

Your pass will activate at the point that you purchase the pass. Depending on which pass you choose, it will expire after 24 hours or 30 days.

We recommend purchasing the pass at the point you are ready to ride in order to maximise your time.

How long can I ride for?

With the Day Pass, there is no limit to how long your journey can be (within the 60 minutes included in the pass).

With the Flexi and Commuter pass, each journey is limited to 30 minutes. You can continue to ride for longer than 30 minutes but each additional minute will be charged at our Pay-As-You-Ride rate. 16p/min

What happens if I use all the minutes before the pass expires?

Once you've used up all the minutes your pass will no longer be active, so you can go ahead and buy a new one.

If you don't buy a new one any further minutes will be charged at our Pay-As-You-Ride rate. £1 unlock fee and £0.16/min

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