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What happens if the bike stand is already full when I arrive?
What happens if the bike stand is already full when I arrive?
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Beryl Bikes in Norwich are designed to be tethered to the stand once locked, to keep bikes tidy and out of the way of pavement users.

However, the Beryl Bikes system has been designed to be flexible too, so if you arrive at a Beryl Bay and the stands are already full, please park your bike neatly alongside the other bikes, as close in to the stands as you can so the bike isn't obstructing any access areas or pavement, and push the lock down to close.

Even if there is no tether available, you must lock the bike to end your journey. When the bike is locked, you'll hear the bike beep and you'll get confirmation of the end of the ride in your app.

Our system can recognise that you're locking the bike in a Beryl Bay even if the stand is full. If you believe you've been charged an incorrect out of bay fee, please let our customer service team know as soon as possible so they can look into it. It's helpful if you can take a photo of where your bike is too so we can adjust our system if necessary.

We review Beryl Bays frequently to identify which bays require more capacity. We'll work with Transport for Norwich to add capacity or identify new locations nearby where we can install a bay.

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