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How do I unlock a bike that is tethered to a stand?
How do I unlock a bike that is tethered to a stand?
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In Norwich, Beryl Bikes should be attached to a Beryl Bikes stand at a Beryl Bay using the tether provided.

Beryl Bikes in Norwich are unlocked using the Beryl app, either using the NFC option or by entering the Bike ID.

If you are having difficulty unlocking the bike when it is tethered to a stand, watch the following video:

If you aren't able to watch the video, please read the following instructions:

  1. Once you have unlocked the bike on the unlock pad and the app confirms that the bike is locking, hold the tether of the lock so that it isn't resting heavily on the lock bolt as it is trying to open.

  2. Once you've unlocked the bike, you'll hear the lock motor trying to rotate the lock bolt to open the lock. Give the lock lever a bit of a wiggle and pull it up when you hear the lock whirring to release it.

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