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What should I do if my e-scooter runs out of battery?
What should I do if my e-scooter runs out of battery?
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You can see the expected range of the e-scooter in the app before hiring a scooter. We recommend choosing a scooter that has a battery level suitable for the type of journey you're trying to make.

Once on your ride we will notify you if your battery goes down to 10%. We'll show you how far that will take you, so you can park or switch to another scooter.

In the event that your e-scooter runs out of battery while riding, you can:

Try to continue to push and ride the e-scooter manually. If you are unable to ride the e-scooter, find the nearest Beryl Bay and lock the e-scooter to end your ride. In the case that you're very far from a Beryl Bay and feel unable to reach a bay, please end your journey by locking the scooter in a considerate location. You will be charged any out of bay or out of zone fees based on that location.

Please note: as stated in our Terms of Service which you agree to before hiring a Beryl e-Scooter, it is your responsibility to ensure the battery level on the bike is sufficient to cover the trip you intend to take. If you lock an e-scooter outside a Beryl Bay or a Beryl Zone because the battery has discharged, you will be charged accordingly and this will not be considered grounds for a refund.

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