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Safe and legal usage of Beryl e-scooters

How to ride an electric scooter safely and legally

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Safety is at the heart of Beryl’s business. We design vehicles and schemes that are safe for both riders and non-riders of Beryl bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters.

Our e-scooters offer comfortable, easy and safe option for those short journeys, instead of jumping in a car. You can also be confident knowing that when hiring a Beryl e-scooter you will be covered by our vehicle insurance.

In accordance with UK law, electric scooters are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles and are treated as motor vehicles, therefore there are some rules you must comply with when renting one of our scooters. Failing to comply with these laws invalidates the insurance and can result in an on-the-spot fine or prosecution.

We also provide free scooter training under our ScootHappy courses! You can access this by clicking here.

To ride a Beryl e-Scooter you must:

  • Have a UK-valid driving licence or provisional licence
    Be aged 16 or older

  • Have registered for an account via the Beryl app

  • Only ride in cycle lanes or on the road

You must not:

  • Register with another person’s driving licence

  • Ride on the pavements or anywhere indoors

  • Ride using someone else’s Beryl account

  • Ride with a passenger

  • Ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Remember to remove headphones or earpods. Wear a helmet, and clothing that you can be seen in that is not restrictive, allowing you to look over your shoulder

You can ride a Beryl e-Scooter anywhere that bikes are allowed. We recommend riding the e-scooter in designated bike lanes.

Tips for using e-scooters

  • Avoid any roads with a speed limit over 30mph (the speed limit for scooters is 12.5mph).

  • Check over your shoulder regularly, and before moving in lane.

  • Give yourself time to practise in a low traffic area, especially if it’s your first ride.

  • Stay in your lane and avoid weaving through traffic.

Reporting misuse

Beryl takes misuse of the scooters very seriously. We work closely with local police and keep a record of all incidents of misuse. Find out more about reporting misuse here.

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