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I'm struggling to unlock a vehicle using NFC

Problems with unlocking using the NFC on your phone

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I'm struggling to unlock a vehicle using NFC

We've heard from users that they're sometimes finding it difficult to use NFC to unlock a vehicle. There are several ways to resolve this issue:

  • Instead of holding the phone static over the Unlock Pad, try moving it slowly from top to bottom across the pad. This should let you find the "sweet spot" where the phone is able to connect to NFC.

  • On Android devices, you can disable NFC. The app will automatically detect that you don't have NFC and will show you the option to input the unique number on the bike. To disable NFC, go to Settings > Wifi and Connections > NFC and toggle the connection off. Remember to reactivate NFC if you want to use Google Pay or other NFC-enabled apps on your phone.

  • If you've tried using NFC and it doesn't work, tap on 'Unlock Help' just below the 'Unlock bike button'. You can then choose 'Unlock with bike ID' and key in the 6-digit bike code found on the unlock pad in the middle of the handlebars.

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