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What do I do if my vehicle is damaged?
What do I do if my vehicle is damaged?

Finding and reporting a broken or damaged Beryl vehicle

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If you have just finished a ride and want to report a fault with the vehicle you just used, you can click on "help" and then "Damaged vehicle" on your journey summary screen.

If you find that the vehicle you have just unlocked is damaged, please return it to a cycle hire station and contact the Beryl Support Team.

The easiest way to report a broken or damaged vehicle is to report it via the Beryl app. You can do this by clicking on the spanner icon ๐Ÿ”ง within the app to report any damage to the team.

You can also report faults with any vehicle to our team using the in-app chat, the chat on our website or call 0203 003 5044. You can also email

Please give us as much detail as possible, including the number on the vehicle, when reporting a fault so we can get the vehicle fixed as soon as possible and back out on the street.

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