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FAQs and tips for staying safe

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What are the safety features of your bikes?

  • All of our bikes are fitted with a bell on the handlebars.

  • The bikes feature internal machine drum brakes for safe and reliable braking on all terrain, with separate levers for front and rear brakes.

  • The bikes are also fitted with the Beryl Laserlight with our patented safety laser projection technology that makes cyclists more visible to drivers and pedestrians, and the Beryl Burner Brake with enhanced braking detection.

What is the minimum age to hire a bike?

The minimum age for hiring and riding a Beryl Vehicle is 16. Although we think cycling is great for all ages, safety and insurance purposes limit us to the minimum age of 16.

Absolutely no one under 16 is permitted to ride a Beryl Bike, and someone aged 16+ cannot unlock a bike for an underage rider.

Tips for staying safe

  • Use a helmet.

  • Always signal. It is important to let other road users know where you're going and your intentions to change lanes, turn off, or slow down. Learn the correct hand signals for each of these manoeuvres and make sure you signal in advance to give other road users a chance to react.

  • Traffic lights and signals: when cycling on the road, you should follow the rules of the road including respecting traffic lights; giving pedestrians priority at zebra crossings, and respecting priority at roundabouts.

  • Door zone and gutters. Take care when cycling past parked cars in case someone opens a door into your path. Cycle at least one door's width out from the line of parked cars so you won't need to swerve to dodge a door. You should also take care not to cycle too close to the gutter. There may be broken glass, rubbish or wet leaves accumulated there which can damage the bike or cause you to slip.

Does Beryl provide helmets for riders?

We always encourage our riders to bring helmets with them for riding. Though it is not compulsory in the UK, it provides effective protection should you be involved in an accident. For a helmet to be effective, it must be well-fitted and correctly adjusted to each rider's head, so we are unable to provide helmets with the bikes.

I've been involved in an accident while riding a Beryl Bike. What should I do?

Firstly, make sure that you and anyone else involved are safe and if possible, off the road. Call the emergency services on 999 if anyone is in need of immediate medical attention.

Please contact our team (either phone +44 20 3003 5044, or in-app chat) as soon as possible once you are in a safe location and emergency services are at the scene.

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