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Happy Birthday Norwich - Free 10 minutes and free unlock this weekend
Happy Birthday Norwich - Free 10 minutes and free unlock this weekend

Terms and conditions and FAQs.

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Happy birthday Norwich! To help you celebrate we are giving 10 minutes riding free, and free unlock all this weekend.

When can I get the offer?

This offer runs from 00:00 Saturday 16 March to 23:59 on 17 March 2024.

Who is this offer for?

This offer is available for all riders and is one redemption per person.

Where is this offer available?

This offer is only for our Norwich scheme.

How do I claim my free ride?

Download and open the Beryl app. Find your nearest bay, unlock a Beryl vehicle and start riding.

Your free 10 minutes and unlock fee will be deducted from the total at the end of your ride. Anything above 10 minutes will be charged at the standard pay as you ride rate in your scheme.

If you don't have an account yet, download the Beryl app here and follow the simple steps to sign up. You'll need to add your card details to hire a bike/scooter - this will only be charged if you end a ride out of a Beryl designed bay or out of the designated zone, or your ride exceeds the free period (see below).

How long can I ride for free?

The offer provides free unlock and 10 minutes riding free.

Can I ride for longer than 10 minutes?

If your ride is longer than 10 minutes, you'll be charged our standard rate for the remainder of your ride. See here for your scheme prices.

What vehicles can I use?

The offer applies to all Beryl vehicles in your scheme.

Will I have to pay out of bay and out of zone fees?

Yes, all out of bay and out of zone fees apply during the free riding promotion.

Do I need to have a payment card associated with my account?

You must have a valid payment card registered on your account in order to unlock a bike, even during a free ride promotion. Our system will run a pre-authorisation check on your card when you attempt to unlock a bike and you must have at least £1 available on the card in order to pass this check. This is to ensure you have funds available for any out of bay or out of zone fees you incur.

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