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Worcester Council Bike Trial

Beryl bikes are being introduced to Worcester in phases

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Before the Worcester Bikeshare Scheme is made available for public use we will be running a trial of 10 bikes for Council use only (using a email address) from the 18th of March.

It is free to hire a bike during the first two weeks of the trial. The discount will be automatically applied to any rides during this time when using the council email address.

However, please ensure that your bike is locked and the ride has ended at the end of your journey to avoid an unlocked vehicle fee. Read more about how to lock the bike and end your ride here.

The trial will have two dedicated parking locations:

  • The Worcester Guildhall

  • The Depot

During the first two weeks there will be no out-of-bay or out-of-zone parking fees. Whilst you can end your ride outside of a designated parking bay with no extra charges during the trial, please still return the bike to either the Guildhall or The Depot bay when you are finished with your journey.

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