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Locking a bike
Manchester: How do I lock my bike?
Manchester: How do I lock my bike?

Ending your bike journey and locking your bike

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Important: Failure to secure the front lock may result in a £30 unlocked bike fee. Hold the front lock in place for at least 2 seconds to secure it. If you find the front lock does not work, please try another stand.

Please follow these steps to properly end your journey and secure the bike:

  1. Push your bike back into an empty cycle hire stand.

  2. Secure the bike to the stand by pushing up the yellow handle on the left-hand side of the stand. Hold the handle in place for a few seconds.

  3. Then push down on the lock lever on the back wheel to end your ride and lock the bike.

Note: When the bike is properly locked, you'll hear the bike chime and you'll get confirmation of the end of the ride in your app.

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