Cargo Bike Pricing

Riding passes and additional charges using Cargo Bikes in Hackney and Westminster

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You are charged by the minute, plus any base fees and additional charges.

Please note: you cannot end your Hackney Cargo journey in Westminster, and vice versa. You will incur a £10 out-of-zone charge.

Pay As You Ride

£1.50 to unlock, plus 10p per minute.

This option is best for a single ride. You pay £1.50 to unlock the Cargo Bike, then 10p per minute of riding. At the end of the ride, we calculate how long you used the Cargo Bike, and your card will be charged.

Example: You ride a Cargo Bike for 15 minutes, and end the journey in the designated Cargo Bike Hub. You pay a £1.50 unlocking fee, plus 15 mins at £0.10/min = £3.

Additional charges

Out-Of-Bay Fee: £5

You'll be charged the convenience fee if you end your ride outside of a designated parking bay. The fee covers the operational cost incurred to return the vehicle to a bay so another user can ride.

Out-of-Zone Fee: £10

Beryl operates within large operating zones, agreed with the local authority. If you end your journey outside the red-outlined zone on your in-app map, you will be charged a fee.

Out-of-Zone Fee +24 hours: £80

If the vehicle is not brought back into the operating zone within 24 hours, an additional fee will be charged to cover the cost of recovering the vehicle.

Unlocked/Undocked Vehicle Fee: £10

At the end of your ride, please make sure you lock your vehicle correctly (front and rear lock) to end your ride.

More information on how to lock your bike can be found here.

Please check in the app to make sure your vehicle has correctly registered as locked.

Unlocked and unattended vehicles are at higher risk of being stolen or vandalised, and they will not be available for other users to hire. You will be charged a flat fee, including your ride price.

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