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The app says my bike is locked but the journey hasn't ended?
The app says my bike is locked but the journey hasn't ended?

Help with locking problems at the end of a journey

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My bike is locked but my journey hasn't ended in the app.

On occasion, we've had feedback from users that although they've locked the bike, the journey hasn't ended in the app. Sometimes it looks like the lock has closed fully but the locked hasn't beeped, indicating the end of the journey.

Occasionally, it will take up to a couple of minutes for you to get a notification that your journey has ended. If you think you've locked the bike but haven't received a notification, please wait a couple of minutes and then try the following.

Make sure the bike is actually locked

Often, the lock just needs a small adjustment to fully close. There are a couple of things you can try to get the bike to lock:

  1. In some cases, the lock bolt gets stuck on the spokes. If the lock bolt is touching a spoke, rotate the wheel a little to create a gap between the two, and then gently push the lock round to close it.

  2. If you are locking the bike in a location with a tether, make sure the loop at the end of the tether isn't in the way of the lock bolt completely closing.

I've tried this - what should I do now?

If you don't receive a notification of the end of the ride or if you can see in the app that your last ride is still live, please send us a message via the in-app chat.

My phone is out of battery. Will my journey still end?

Sometimes, your phone will run out of battery while you're riding. Don't worry! As long as you close the lock completely on your bike at the end of the ride, our technology will know that you've ended your ride and you'll get a notification once your phone is charged and you're next using the Beryl app.
If your phone has run out of battery, please take extra care to make sure the bike is properly locked before leaving it.

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