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How do I lock my bike and end my ride?
How do I lock my bike and end my ride?

How to lock a Beryl Bike

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Your Beryl Bike journey ends when you lock the bike, unless you choose to pause your ride. The bike must be locked manually - we aren't able to do this remotely. If you fail to lock your bike at the end of a journey you'll continue to be charged, so always take a moment to double check!

Important! Unless you choose to pause your ride, locking the bike will automatically end your journey and charge you for the current ride duration and any fees based on the bike's location at that moment.

Parking your bike

Beryl operates with a system of parking bays, called Beryl Bays. These are marked spaces in key locations where you can start and end a ride. You're free to unlock a bike and park outside a Beryl Bay. However, a convenience fee will be added to your journey if you lock the bike outside a Beryl Bay. This helps us maintain an organised bike share scheme in your city.

Where is the lock?

The lock is located just above the rear wheel behind the seat post.

How to close the lock

To close the lock, simply push down the pin on the left side of the lock until it clicks into place at the bottom. A silver bar will rotate through the back wheel securing the bike wheel in place.

When the lock is fully closed, it will chime to let you know. The rear red light will also flash. If you don't hear the chime or see the red lights flash, check in your app to see if your journey has ended. If your journey is still live, it means the lock isn't closed properly - try pushing the lock lever down a bit more until it clicks into place.

For Leeds, Manchester and Brighton

It is compulsory for all riders to end their journeys in a docking station.

When you arrive at the parking bay, please secure your bike in the dock. Please ensure you have pushed your bike as far in to the dock as possible.

Pull up the yellow handle on the left of the docking stand and ensure the tether sits against the base of the bicycle's basket for a few seconds.

You must also secure the rear lock over the back wheel. You can find instructions on how to do this in your app during a journey.

What happens when I end my ride?

Once you've locked the bike and your ride has ended, you'll be shown a journey summary. This shows you how much the ride cost and where you parked the bike. You'll also be able to see your route and give us any feedback.

IMPORTANT: If you don't see the end of journey summary and there is still a timer counting on your app, it means your bike hasn't fully locked and you'll continue to be charged for the riding minutes.

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