Car Free Day - 20% Off Passes
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This year to celebrate Car Free Day we’re offering 20% off all Passes.

On Friday 22nd September, get 20% off Passes, using the code found in the Beryl app on the day.

Where can I find the code?

The code can be found by opening the Beryl app on Friday 22nd September. It will pop up on your screen.

Where can I buy Passes?
Passes are currently available for use in Brighton and West Midlands only.

When can I use the code?

The code only applies to Passes bought on Friday 22nd September. It is valid until 23:59pm on the day.

Can I use the code more than once?

The code can only be redeemed once per user.

How do I use the code?

Open the app and you'll see a post with the code. Click 'Get Discount' which will take you to the promotions page where you can apply the code. This will automatically apply the discount when you purchase a Pass.

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