Car Free Day - Plymouth Two Free Rides
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This year to celebrate Car Free Day and thanks to Plymouth City Council, we’re offering free rides in Plymouth.

On Friday 22nd September, all Beryl e-bike rides will be free for the first 60 minutes, and will have free unlock.

Where are free rides available?

Free rides will be available for all our e-bikes in Plymouth.

How many rides does this offer apply to?

This offer is applicable for two rides per person.

What times is the offer valid for?

The offer is available all day Friday 22nd September.

Who can claim the free rides?

The discount is for new and existing riders.

How do I claim my free rides?

The discount is automatic. Just open the app, take a ride and we will automatically deduct your first 60 minutes and the unlock fee at the end of your ride.

If you don't have an account yet, download the Beryl app here and follow the simple steps to sign up. You'll need to add your card details to hire a bike - this will only be charged if you end a ride out of a Beryl designed bay or out of the designated zone, or your ride exceeds the free period (see below).

How long can I ride for free?

The offer provides free unlock and two rides free of up to 60 minutes each in length.

Can I ride for longer than 60 minutes?

If your ride is longer than 60 minutes, you'll be charged our standard rate for the remainder of your ride (15p per minute).

Will I have to pay out-of-bay and out-of-zone fees?

Yes, all out-of-bay and out-of-zone fees apply during the free riding promotion.

Out-of-bay fee: £10

Out-of-zone fee: £25

Unlocked bike fee: £10

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