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My bike is locked but my journey hasn’t ended:

  • Please try to push the lock lever down with slightly more force - sometimes the lock needs some assistance so the lock mechanism catches. Wait for the chime and the receipt coming up in the app. If this does not work we will support you once we are back on shift - don’t worry, we can always refund any overcharges!

I am on a scooter journey and have ended my ride by clicking “End Ride” but the journey is still active:

  • Your phone or the scooter might have bad network connectivity - please keep on trying, it might help to walk a few steps away from the scooter to get a better signal.

I have unlocked a bike or scooter and my journey has started but the bike is still physically locked / the scooter is not working:

  • Bike: Please push the lock lever down to end your journey, this should cancel the journey. Feel free to try and unlock another bike after!

  • Scooter: Click “End Ride” and feel free to unlock another scooter.

I got overcharged - what shall I do?

  • Please send us a message explaining why you think you got overcharged together with the details of the journey in question (date, time) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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