This month, we’re partnering with Norfolk County Council and focussing on Loving Your Commute.

Find joy in your daily commute and get riding with an automatic 30 free minutes for push bikes and 15 free minutes for e-bikes and free unlock during key commuting times for Norwich users only.

Riding to work is an active way to travel to work that also allows you to have an enjoyable green commute💚


Which dates will this promotion be available?

The Love Your Commute will be available from the 9th of May 2022 and will run every weekday until 3rd June 2022.

What times of the day is this promotion available?

Your discount will be available during key commuting times between 7:30am-9:30am and 3pm-6pm. Rides must start and end between this time to qualify.

Who can use this promotion?

This promotion will be available to Norwich users only.

How will I redeem my discount?

The best thing about this promotion is that there is no discount code, simply unlock the bike and the discount will be automatically applied at the end of the journey.

Which vehicles are included?

This promotion applies to push bikes and e-bikes. 30 minutes free on push bikes and 15 minutes free on e-bikes.

Are there any extra charges?

There are no extra charges. Out of zone and out of bay fees apply.

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