The pause ride feature gives you the flexibility to make short stop-offs during your journey. While the ride is paused, no-one else can use the bike - the ride fee of 10p per minute still applies while paused.

There are two ways to pause a ride:

  1. When you arrive at your destination, open the app and tap ‘pause my ride’. You will see another screen asking you to lock your cargo bike. Once the cargo bike is locked, your ride will pause.

  2. If you stop and lock your cargo bike, and then decide you only want to pause your ride and not end it, check the app. You will see a one-minute countdown. Tap “pause ride”. If you don’t choose an option, your journey will end once the minute is up.

⚠ You can pause your ride for a maximum of 2 hours. While your ride is paused, you will see a countdown in the app to show how long you have left. You can pause your ride multiple times during your ride, as long as combined this doesn't exceed 2 hours and the usual fee of 10p per minute still applies while you are paused.

Remember when pausing your ride be sure to park your bike responsibly, ensuring it isn't an obstruction to others.

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