To help keep our riders, pedestrians and other road users safe during the busy festive period, we are introducing a slow-go zone in Bournemouth Town Centre, around Bournemouth Christmas Markets and Christmas Tree Wonderland. Our scooters will automatically, gradually slow to 7.5mph in these zones.

Where is the Go-Slow Zone?

The Go-Slow Zone is in place around Bournemouth Town Centre and Lower Gardens, shown below. You will see it marked in yellow on the map in the Beryl app, highlighted with a tortoise 🐢 icon.

BCP go slow zone for Christmas market

When is the Go-Slow Zone in place?

The geofenced zone will be in place from 19th November 2021 until 9:30pm 4th January 2022.

What happens when I enter a Go-Slow Zone?

If you are riding one of our scooters, you will receive a notification letting you know when you are approaching the zone. As you enter the zone, our clever GPS technology will kick in and will gradually slow your scooter to 7.5mph. You can continue to ride your scooter carefully through the zone. Once you leave the zone you will be able to increase your speed.

If you are riding one of our pedal bikes we ask you to be mindful of others and ride carefully, particularly in busy areas.

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