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Isle of Wight - What happens if I go out-of-zone?
Isle of Wight - What happens if I go out-of-zone?
Riding and parking e-Scooters outside the operating area
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The Beryl operating area(s) are displayed in-app and marked out by a red line around the operating area. E-scooters should be ridden and parked within the operating area to avoid any difficulty of use or excess charges.

Here's what you need to know about going 'out-of-zone'.

Riding out-of-zone:

While you won't be charged a fee for going out-of-zone (so long as you don't end your ride out of the operating area), there are limitation to riding an e-Scooter outside of the operating area. Once out-of-zone the e-Scooter will automatically slow to just 3mph. Your app will display that you have left the operating area and encourage you to return, whereby the speed limit will return to normal.

Parking out of zone:

If you lock an e-scooter outside the operating zone, a fee will be charged. Isle of Wight out of zone fee: £25

If the e-scooter is not brought back into the operating zone within 24 hours, an additional £80 fee will be charged to cover the cost of recovering the e-scooter.

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