Dear Londoners,

It's with a heavy heart that today we close our service area for Beryl Bikes in Hackney and the City of London. As we head into the winter months and continue to work from home wherever we can, we'll be pausing our City of London and Hackney services, taking stock, and working to come back with a bigger and better service in the future.

Why are you leaving?

First, Beryl was born in London (Hackney to be precise) and Londoners we remain. At our HQ in East London, the Beryl team continues to work to bring active, fun, and sustainable travel to cities across the UK, and beyond. We hope to return to London with a bigger and better service in the near future.

We've seen an amazing uptake of cycling this year and while restrictions have meant running a service across boroughs has proven tricky, throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, we were able to do our part by loaning bikes directly to Key Workers across the capital.

Rowena, a scrub nurse in London took over 100 trips by Beryl Bike with the bike loan initiative when she was redeployed to her hospital’s ICU in March. She said:

“I would normally be taking the bus to and from work but after being redeployed to the ICU to care for COVID 19 positive patients I no longer felt comfortable, and was fearful of passing on the virus. My flatmate had begun using Beryl Bikes for her daily exercise and told me about the NHS initiative. It has been a life-saver and made an immense difference to how I’m getting through this crisis both practically and mentally.”

“Thanks to the roads being quieter and the integrated lights on the bikes, I’ve felt safe on the road and had the chance to build up my confidence - I’ll 100% continue to cycle each day. Being able to get out, get fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful spaces right on our doorsteps has been a big help. After finishing a tough shift late at night, the 30-minute cycle I take home each day gives me the opportunity to decompress and work through the day gone by. Our cities really can be better by bike, as we start to go back to normal routines I hope more people will choose to cycle. The benefits to ourselves, each other and society widely are huge”

What about my minutes?

An email notice has gone out to all active London riders. From Thursday 12th November 2020, all riders that have remaining minutes on their pre-purchased minute bundles will be automatically refunded. Users with bundles should allow up to 7 working days to receive a refund. You can also contact Beryl directly in-app or by email at with any questions about your accounts.

When will you be back?

The simple answer is as soon as we possibly can! We'll continue to work with our partners Hackney Council, City of London Corporation and Transport for London and are keen to continue working with wider community groups, social enterprises, brands and organisations across the city so we're more than ready to work together on a city-wide service.


From one group of Londoners to another - This is, see you later and not goodbye!

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