It's a legal requirement to hold a driving licence valid for use in the UK when riding a Beryl e-scooter. There are 2 ways to complete the validation of your licence.

First time hire

The first time you try to hire an e-scooter, a tutorial with important information will pop up in your app. Please read this information carefully, as it includes instructions on how to use the e-scooter. At the end of the tutorial, you will see the information about validating your licence. You can choose to do the validation then and there, or wait until later.

Accessing the licence validation later

If you choose to wait until later to validate your licence, you can access the page to complete the validation via the Settings menu. From the left hand menu choose "Settings", then next to Driving Licence choose "submit".

If you don't see these validation opens in the app, please update to make sure you're using the latest version of the Beryl app.

Please note: Provisional licences are accepted, however paper licences are not.

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