Beryl e-Bbkes are currently available in Norwich, Watford/Hertsmere, Hereford, BCP, Isle of Wight, Greater Manchester, Southampton, Portsmouth and Cornwall.

Getting started with the Beryl e-bike

The Beryl e-bike is a great addition to Beryl Bike share schemes. The bike assists you as you pedal, making it easier and quicker to get around by bike.

Beryl e-bikes are hired from the same app and account as the standard bike model. You can choose to hire either kind of bike from the same app.

How does the pedal assist work?

When you start pedalling, the assist will start automatically. You'll feel the motor giving you a boost as you pedal.

The assist is capped at 15.5m/ph. Once you reach this speed, the motor will no longer assist you but you'll be able to continue pedalling as normal. Pedal smoothly and let the motor do some of the work!

Riding an e-bike for the first time

Riding e-bikes is great fun, but it's a bit different to riding a push bike. Due to the motor and the battery, the e-bikes are heavier than our pedal bikes. The motor will assist you in getting you going, but please bear in mind that the bike is heavier and take extra care when parking and locking it at the end of a ride.

We recommend using our standard Beryl Bike if you're not confident with any aspect of cycling, especially balancing, steering, changing gears or braking. Once you're feeling comfortable (and it doesn't take long!), try an e-bike. Choose an open space away from traffic and pedestrians to try it out for the first time.

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