On Monday 11th May, we'll begin a trial of Beryl Bikes with Dorset Police, to understand how having access to the bikes can assist police staff in their work duties. 

Trial duration

During the trial, there will be 400 rides available free of charge to Dorset Police staff.

The trial doesn't have a fixed end date, but will end once the 400 rides have been used up. We'll notify you in the app to let you know when the trial has ended. 

Free ride limitation

As part of the trial, you'll enjoy a free unlock and up to 30 minutes of riding.
Out of bay and out of service area charges will still apply.

How to sign up

To access the trial, simply sign up for a Beryl account with your official police email, ending in '@dorset.pnn.police.uk'. Add a payment card to your account - this is required to unlock a bike but the card won't be charged unless you exceed the time limit for a free ride or incur other charges (see below).

You'll be granted automatic access to the free rides once you've verified your email and will receive a pop-up message in-app with information about the trial.

Charges for rides

Rides are free up to 30 minutes when the ride ends in a Beryl Bay. Additional charges apply if: 

  • the ride exceeds 30 minutes. Additional minutes are charged at the standard rate (5p per minute) 
  • the bike is locked out of a Beryl Bay (£2)
  • the bike is locked outside the BCP service area, shown in the app with a thick pink line. (£5)

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged for any of these, please get in touch with our customer support team and they'll be happy to help out. 


At the end of the trial, we'll collect feedback about how the trial went and any recommendations or suggestions about the service. Please keep an eye out for the feedback service and let us know how you go on with the trial - it'll help us explore options for continued access to bikes for work. 

How can I get help?

Our customer support team is on hand to help with any questions you have. You can reach them via the in-app chat (using the message icon in the top right hand corner of the app screen), via email support@beryl.cc or by phone at 020 3003 5044.

Our customer support team is available from 8:30am to 8pm every day. If you need help outside these hours, please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can when we're back online. 

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