In partnership with Herefordshire Council, we're making Beryl Bikes temporarily free for key workers in Hereford. Please read this information carefully and ask our team if you have any questions. This offer will currently be available until the end of July but may be extended depending on circumstances.

(If you work for the NHS in Hereford, please see this article for details on free access for NHS workers). 

Key info for Herefordshire Council key workers, school staff and police:

  • Automatic access is available for the following key workers by signing up with an official email address: council staff key workers; school staff; and police. To start, download the Beryl app and sign up using your work email address. 
  • For council staff: email address ending in 
  • For school staff: email address ending in
  • For police staff: email address ending in 

Key info for other key workers in Hereford:

As there is a wide range of organisations with key workers, it's not possible to set up automatic access via email addresses for everyone. Access to free rides for other key workers is a manual process via a voucher code that is quick and easy to set up. 

  • Download the Beryl app and sign up for an account. If possible, use an email address from your workplace. 
  • Once you're set up with an account, send a message via in-app chat or via to our control room team who will be able to give you access to free rides. Please give your name, occupation and where you work and let us know you're a key worker. 
  • We'll follow the UK government guidelines on who is considered a key worker. 

Info for ALL key workers in Hereford

  • Trips must end in a Beryl Bay and be no longer than 60 minutes to qualify as being free of charge. The standard fees will still apply if you lock your bike out of bay (£2) or out of zone (£5). 
  • You must always have a valid payment card associated with your account to use the bikes. If you don't have a valid payment card on your account, our system won't unlock a bike for you. 
  • Herefordshire Council have funded a block of free ride vouchers for key workers. These will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Please be aware of our advice on using the bikes in the current pandemic situation. We're NOT able to disinfect bikes between each ride, so please wear gloves when riding, wash your hands before and after use, and don't use the bikes if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.  


Can I request a Beryl Bay at my place of work?
Please request a bay HERE and include 'Key worker access' as the reason why. We'll work with Herefordshire Council to get new bays designated as soon as we can, but please be aware this could take some time based on staff availability. 

Do I need to have a payment card associated with my account?
Yes, to unlock a Beryl Bike you must have a valid payment card associated to your Beryl Bike account. Your card will be charged with any out of bay or out of zone fees.
We'll run a pre-authorisation check of £1 on your card to make sure it has funds before allowing you to unlock a bike. (This is not a charge, just a temporary hold). 

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