Please note: the NHS Free rides initiative in BCP will come to an end on Tuesday 30th June. From 1st July, riders signed up with an NHS email will automatically be switched to a Pay As You Ride pass at our normal rates. If you wish to continue using Beryl Bikes, we recommend you purchase a Minute Bundle for the best value riding.

We want to ensure these individuals can still be mobile and maintain safe distances from others while travelling to and from their places of work. 

As such, in partnership with BCP Council, we've taken the decision to make Beryl Bikes temporarily free for NHS staff across Bournemouth and Poole. 

Key info:

  • You must sign up with your official NHS email address . This will provide you free use of the bikes for all trips ending in a Beryl Bay
  • Trips must end in a Beryl Bay and be no longer than 60 minutes. The out of bay and out of service area fees will still apply. 
  • We currently anticipate making free access available until the end of June, but may extend should the crisis continue. AUTOMATIC FREE ACCESS FOR NHS IN BCP HAS NOW ENDED.

We believe in the power of a bike ride to bring moments of joy and calm into your day. We hope access to the bikes will help individuals retain those important moments in their day-to-day lives, as well as opening up options for as many people as possible to move around while keeping their distance from others. 


Can I request a Beryl Bay at my place of work?
Please request a bay HERE and include 'NHS access' as the reason why. We'll work with BCP Council to get new bays designated as soon as we can. 

Which NHS email addresses are valid?
The following NHS email domains will give you automatic free access:

If your place of work uses a different NHS email address please let us know so we can activate access. 

How can I sign in if I don't have my NHS email on my phone?
To access free rides, you must sign up with your email address. When you sign up with that email, you'll be sent an email with a link that will log you in to the account. If you don't have your email inbox on your phone, simply clink on the link from a desktop computer, re-enter your email and the app will automatically log you in.

I work for the NHS but I don't have an NHS email address.
If you work in the NHS but don't have access to an official email address, please get in touch with us at to let us know about your situation so we can look for alternative arrangements.

Do I need to have a payment card associated with my account?
Yes, to unlock a Beryl Bike you must have a valid payment card associated to your Beryl Bike account connected to your email. Your card will be charged with any out of bay or out of zone fees.
We'll run a pre-authorisation check of £1 on your card to make sure it has funds before allowing you to unlock a bike. (This is not a charge, just a temporary hold). 

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