Once you've arrived at your destination, you should always aim to park in a designated parking space for dockless bikes. These spaces look different depending on the area of London you are in, but will always be marked in the Beryl app. 

City of London

In the City of London, dockless bike bays are designated by the City of London Corporation.
They're marked on the ground with white paint at the corners and the words "Dockless" in the centre, along with a Parking symbol. 


In Hackney, dockless bike parking spaces have been designated by Hackney Council. These spaces are in former car parking spaces.
The spaces are marked with this "Dockless" sign, usually on a lamp post or sign post next to the space:

Please note that the designed space for locking your bike is always on the carriageway where the car parking space used to be, not on the pavement.
We'll be working with Hackney Council with feedback about how to make the bay locations as clear as possible on the ground.

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