As part of the next stage of BCP Council’s major infrastructure improvements in the area Wallisdown Road, including its junctions with Alton Road and Talbot Drive, will be closed for approximately two weeks from Monday 11th May 2020. During this time, provision will be made for cycling and walking through the closed section.

To help reduce the impact on traffic and to make it easier to travel during this period, BCP Council is sponsoring a special discount for Beryl Bikes users in Bournemouth and Poole. 

What does the promotion offer? 

The promotion offers a 50% discount on Minute Bundles for riding Beryl Bikes. 

How do I access the promotion? 

To redeem the 50% discount, go to the Promotions tab on the left hand menu in the Beryl app and enter the code WALLISDOWN50. Then follow the steps to complete the purchase of your chosen Minute Bundle.

When is the promotion active?

The discount code will be active from Monday 11th May until Sunday 24th May 2020 inclusive.
If you try to apply the discount outside of this time, the code will not be valid and you will be charged the full price of the Minute Bundle.
Once you have purchased the minutes, they will remain available on your account until used up or until you are inactive in the app for 1 year.

Which size of Minute Bundle can I use?

You can use the discount code on any of the Beryl Minute Bundles: 

  • 100 minutes
  • 200 minutes
  • 300 minutes
  • 400 minutes

You can only use the discount code once, so choose the Minute Bundle you want carefully before completing the steps. 

How many times can I use the discount code? 

Each user can redeem the discount code 1 time only.

How many users can redeem the discount code? 

The code can be redeemed a total of 1000 times. After the code has been redeemed 1000 times, we'll update these FAQs and other promotional material to indicate that the code is no longer valid. 

Where can I use the discount code?

The Wallisdown Road promotion is sponsored by BCP Council and is only available to Beryl users in the BCP scheme (Bournemouth and Poole). 

Anything else I should know?

  • The discount code is only valid on Minute Bundles. It can't be used to get discount on Pay As You Ride charges, Day Passes, Out of bay, Out of zone, or Unlocked bike charges.
  • You must have a valid payment card registered on your account in order to unlock a bike. Our system will run a pre-authorisation check on your card when you attempt to unlock a bike and you must have at least £1 available on the card in order to pass this check. This will happen regardless of whether you have a minute balance or not, and if the pre-authorisation check fails, you won't be able to unlock a bike. 
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