Beryl Bays are the preferred parking locations for Beryl Bikes in Watford. The location of bays is visible in our app and the bays are also easily identified on the street. 

There are 3 types of Beryl Bay in Watford:

Beryl Bay with stands

This bay is a line of stands where you can tether your bike, often outlined with Beryl green lines. 

Beryl Bay with planters

This bay has stands for the bikes, and also includes planters at each end that add some greenery to the street for everyone to enjoy. 

Beryl Parklet

Beryl Parklets are larger bays which include stands for locking bikes, planters to add greenery to the street, and seating for everyone to enjoy when they need. 

If you arrive at a Beryl Parklet and the bike stands are full, please try to park you bike neatly alongside the other bikes, taking care not to block the seating for others to use.

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