Beryl Bikes are intended to operate and remain within the a large, designated Beryl Zone agreed with our Local Council partners. The limits of the Beryl Zone are clearly marked in the app and a map is also available on our website.

Hiring the bike within the zone and locking outside the zone

If you hire a bike within the zone, you can cross the zone boundaries with no penalties as long as you finish your ride and lock the bike back in the Beryl Zone. 

If you ride outside the Beryl Zone and lock a bike there, a £10 "Out of Zone" charge will be added at the end of your ride. You'll still be able to unlock the bike and ride back into the Beryl Zone, but be aware you'll be charged the "Out of Zone" fee every time you lock the bike outside the zone. This charge applies even if you just lock the bike for a very short time, eg. to nip into a shop.

If you leave the bike outside the Beryl Zone for more than 24 hours, we'll charge you an additional £80 penalty fee to cover the cost of us recovering the bike and returning it to the service area.

Hiring the bike outside the zone

You can hire a bike that is located outside a zone. If you ride it back into the zone and lock it there, no extra charges will apply. If you don't take it back to the zone but instead lock it outside the zone, you'll be charged the £10 "Out of Zone" fee. This applies even if you were not the user who originally took the bike outside the zone. 

We'll never automatically lock the bike remotely when you cross the Beryl Zone boundaries as this would be dangerous for riders.

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