We want you to enjoy riding Beryl Bikes and there are some important things you can do to make sure your ride is safe and smooth. Here are some tips on the most important ways to keep yourself safe.


In the UK, it's not compulsory for cyclists to wear a helmet but many choose to do so to protect their head in case of falling or being knocked off a bike.

If you choose to wear a helmet, it should be snug fitting and secured tightly to your head.

Beryl doesn't provide helmets to riders, but have a look at your city page on our website for information on partnerships with bike shops who can help you choose and fit a helmet.


When cycling on the road, it's important to let other road users know where you're going and your intentions to change lanes, turn off or to slow down. Learn the correct hand signals for each of these manoeuvres and make sure you signal in advance to give other road users a chance to react. 

Door zone and gutters

Take care when cycling past parked cars in case someone opens a door into your path. Cycle at least one door's width out from the line of parked cars so you won't need to swerve to dodge a door. You should also take care not to cycle too close to the gutter. There may be broken glass, rubbish or wet leaves accumulated there which can damage the bike or cause you to slip.

Traffic lights and signals

When cycling on the road, you should follow the rules of the road including: respecting traffic lights; giving pedestrians priority at zebra crossings with Belisha beacons; and respecting priority at roundabouts.

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